Dogs D’amour Vocalist Tyla Selling Limited Edition Artwork


March 23, 2009

Tyla of the Dogs D’amour is selling limited editions of his artwork as explained in a recent press release:

“Good Evening My Dears, Tis just Maid Marion Of the Art Tavern ‘ere.. I do hope that you are all blissfully sublime with your skins full o’ wine… I just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know about this….

Whilst on his recent art tour of Deutschland notonly did our Singing Sire Swing his bottle andsing his songs but he also found a bit of time toturn his hand to doing a few etchings for ourvisual pleasure…In these times of empty purses and giant gapingholes in our pockets it is becoming very hard tobe able to treat ourselves once in a while butnow there is a chance that you can do just that.

Limited Edition Tyla Artwork

You too can own a piece o’ art from the depthsof his dearheart.Now be quick as there are only50 of each etching available in either black andwhite or water colour.SO once they are gone theyare gone! For a closer look please go to ourgallery.

Limited Edition Tyla Artwork

Postage is FREE WORLDWIDE!Just like in the Tavern these will be sold on apurely FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

So let the HAPPY HOUR commence!

Drop by thee Art Tavern at and help yourselves!”

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