Dokken Battles Chicken In Norton Anti-Virus Commercials


September 17, 2009

Dokken wants to have its way with your chicken! Check out the hilarious new set of commercials for Symantec’s Norton Internet Security 2010. Don Dokken and his band scored “ungodly amounts of money” to appear in the ad, whose director actually rents a house from Don. Styx was originally scheduled to appear in the spot, but when they pulled out, Don was literally approached to do it in his driveway after a gig (the ad was recorded several days later).

The narration goes like this: “Imagine this chicken is your hard drive and the eighties heavy metal band Dokken is a computer virus. Dokken does not like chicken. It wants to destroy it. The chicken, not knowing Dokken’s intentions, doesn’t really have any feelings either way. Now, you have a choice. Would you like to allow Dokken to have its way with your chicken, unleashing a wrath the likes of which the chicken has never seen, or would you like to deny it? Protect your chicken from Dokken. Deny digital dangers with Norton Internet Security 2010.”

Check out all three versions here (each one has an alternate ending – our favorite is the first one!):

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