Dokken live album to contain three new tracks + new Lynch Mob studio and live albums on their way

Dokken live album to contain three new songs + new Lynch Mob studio and live albums on their way

Lynch Mob and KZM guitarist George Lynch was recently interviewed by All That Shreds.

The guitarist was asked about any new Dokken material coming out to which he replied: “A Dokken Live album coming out with three new studio tracks on it as well as live DVD. That will be coming out probably in the beginning of 2018. And then Lynch Mob also has a live album and a DVD coming out at some point. So yes, I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline which is very confusing.”

With respect to all the projects that he’s involved with, Lynch commented: “Yes. I’ve got a project called Abanishment which I’ve been working on for about 5 years with a gentleman called Haze who is an industrial programmer engineer, fixer, real talented and has worked with Brian Schnell, The Prodigy and Zombie, things like that. It’s sort of an industrious less project. And Tommy Victor is the singer and again that’s called Abanishment, we just got everything done except we’ve got some vocals to finish up. I’ve got the new Sweet & Lynch record that I just finished writing that last week. We were in the studio on the east coast with Brian Tichy, James Lomenzo, and Michael Sweet and we finished tracking that. We’ll be done tracking tomorrow and finish up the vocals and that will be done this coming week. Sweet & Lynch 2 or whatever we end up calling it, which I hope we don’t call it that. Thirdly, we have a project called Ultra Phonics which is an evolution of Project Nfidelikah which features Angelo Moore from Fishbone on vocals who we replaced with Corey Glover from Living Color.”

Lynch went on to state: “And that took the rhythm section more with Tower of Power. That record has all been written and Corey is finishing up the vocals and we’ll be getting the mix on that and that record should be coming out soon, I imagine. And our new Lynch Mob is coming out it’s called The Brotherhood that’s coming out, it’s been finished for a while, that will be coming out in June.”

In terms of Lynch Mob‘s musical direction for their next record, Lynch stated: “It’s along the lines of Rebel. I don’t know if you heard the Rebel Record but I think a phenomenal Lynch Mob effort you know it came out 2 years ago. It’s right along those lines. You know we always try to kick back into the Wicked Sensation days and always make sure you know that that’s in the mix a little bit but you know again it’s 25 years later so you know we’re not really that anymore so yes. This album is really adventurous but still, that blues based hard rock with a trippy element and with Oni (Logan) doing his magical poetry and you know one of the greatest rock singers on the planet, very unique obviously, he’s got his own ways. Nobody else sounds like Oni. Yes, we’ve got a chemistry here.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Lynch at All That Shreds.