Dokken release video for new song “It’s Just Another Day” with classic line-up

Dokken release video for new song “It’s Just Another Day” with classic line-up

Ultimate Classic Rock are premiering the video for Dokken‘s new song “It’s Just Another Day” which features the group’s classic line-up of singer Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown.

The following are excerpts from the Ultimate Classic Rock article:

“Bassist Jeff Pilson wrote the music for the song with guitarist George Lynch, and as he recalls in a conversation with UCR, the recording process was a “magical” experience — something that surprised him and the rest of the band.

Don came in and sang it in a very quick session — it was a couple of hours,” he says. “He had most of the lyrics in his head and he didn’t even write them down. Most of the melodies were kind of prepared, but it just kind of flowed, and we just bounced off of one another and it happened very quickly. I threw the harmonies on and we were done. It was that quick.”

Dokken’s only feedback when he heard the song before laying down his vocals was a simple request: “It needs to be faster.” “We said okay, and we tried that and we agreed with him,” Pilson recalls. “It was like, Wow, that’s a great idea. We brought it up quite a bit in tempo and it was great.”

Fans have pointed out hat “It’s Just Another Day” sounds like a return to the classic Dokken sound. Pilson agrees. “At the time, we thought, ‘Wow, this is weird, it’s just coming out,” he says “But okay. Don’t argue!’””

You can read the rest of the article at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Dokken‘s “It’s Just Another Day” video:

Dokken “It’s Another Day” (Official Music Video)

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