Don Dokken feels that some Dokken songs are “borderline Metallica”

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Don Dokken feels that some Dokken songs are “borderline Metallica”

Dokken frontman Don Dokken was recently interviewed by book author Greg Prato for Songfacts to promote Dokken‘s new upcoming album The Lost Years: 1978-1981, which will be released on August 28, 2020.

In terms of which songs define Dokken, Don Dokken indicated:

“Boy, that’s more of a question to ask a fan, not me. We’re a very unusual band compared to typical ’80s rock bands because there was glam metal, hard rock – it was diversified. Some people think of us as a glam metal band, but we’re not, obviously. We have songs like “Kiss of Death,” “Tooth and Nail,” “Lightning Strikes Again,” “Paris Is Burning,” “When Heaven Comes Down” – a very heavy side to us. Some of our songs are borderline Metallica.

But all our videos and all our singles were geared for pop radio. So, of course, the songs that were most commercial came out and MTV put those on. So, that kind of signified our sound as a very commercial rock band. I have people say, “I don’t like your commercial stuff,” and I have other people say, “I don’t like the heavy stuff.” You can’t make everybody happy, man.”

You can read the rest of the comprehensive interview with Don Dokken by Greg Prato at Songfacts‘ website.

Dokken performing “Tooth And Nail” at Loud Park 16 in Japan on October 8, 2016: