Don Dokken has no plans to play more Dokken shows with George Lynch and Jeff Pilson

Don Dokken has no plans to play more Dokken shows with George Lynch and Jeff Pilson

Dokken‘s long-time frontman Don Dokken was recently interviewed by LA Weekly and asked about a continued reunion of Dokken‘s classic line-up of Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown.

The foursome recently reunited to play one show on North American soil at Ron Keel’s Badlands, Pawn, Gold & Jewellery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA on September 30, 2016 and six shows in Japan from October 5 to 12, 2016.

LA Weekly asked Don Dokken about more possible shows from the foursome to which the former replied: “We played in Japan with George, but that was a one-time thing,” he says. “Five shows. Never say never, but as far as right now, I’m not planning more shows with Jeff and George. There’s no point. They all have their various projects. It just happened to be a moment in time when the stars aligned. Plus Jon [Levin] is an underrated monster.”

In terms of continuing to record and release new music, Don Dokken stated: “In the old days, you made records to make money… You toured to support it. Now, people don’t buy records like they used to. People aren’t selling millions of records. People download for free. As far as making a record, we do it because I want to write songs. I still have to continue my craft and my art. But it’s reversed. Now, you tour to make money and hope you sell records. … It’s flip-flopped.”

Don Dokken also had some advice for new artists when he opined: “I don’t want to be negative… I don’t want to shoot them in the foot and say, ‘You’re wasting your time because the record business is over.’ It’s all indie labels now. My advice to the young bands is, don’t get a record deal. Make your own record with ProTools in your garage, put it out yourself on your website, and take all the money. It’s a different world. The days of the Dokken million-bucks-per-record are gone.”

You can read the rest of the article at LA Weekly.