Don Dokken No Longer Ruling Out Another Dokken Album

Don Dokken No Longer Ruling Out Another Dokken Album

July 23, 2013

Don Dokken No Longer Ruling Out Another Dokken AlbumWhile promoting the latest Dokken CD ‘Broken Bones’, frontman Don Dokken insisted that it would be the band’s final album as he had a desire to work on new projects and expand musically. However it appears as if the voice behind classics such as “Alone Again” and “Burning Like A Flame” may be having a change of heart.

When talking to the Classic Metal Show backstage at the RockUSA festival on July 20th, Don Dokken revealed that he has changed his mind about ‘Broken Bones’ being the final Dokken release. “I just think that I fell back in love,” stated the singer. “I got through Broken Bones but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my treatment. With Chemo and radiation and my age I thought, “I’ve had a great run. God bless everybody.” You know, 30 years is a great run, a lot of bands had one hit and then ‘adios’. But I don’t know, I kind of fell in love. I think it’s my dog. I have a new dog, a little golden doodle, and he’s kind of inspired me. I want to stay home, and he goes, “grrr grrr grrr grrr”, and that means “get your ass back on the road.” I’ve got to feed him, so I’m writing a new Dokken record.”

“I’m not sure it will be a Dokken record, I’m just writing songs,” Dokken continues. “I have five done, they are very up-tempo, they are kind of like “Hot For Teacher” Van Halen. Very up, happy kind of arena rock. I have six songs done on the (Michael) Schenker album, so I’ve got that almost wrapped up after I procrastinated for a frickin’ year on. I wrote “Faith” for Schenker a year ago, and then the little turd took the song and loved it so much that he put it on his new album. I said, “no no no, that’s for the acoustic album”. But the new Schenker album is coming out with my song “Faith” on it, which kind of threw me for a loop. So I’m working on the new Schenker album right now, and working on what I guess you would call a new Dokken album. I don’t know. I guess I’m just working on a new album. I told Jon (Levin) that we can maybe call it Dokken, but we will bring in ringers like Warren DeMartini to play a solo, and Yngwie Malmsteen, and just all these people I know. I’ll have to track down Eddie Van Halen and get his butt over there to do it. I want to get people like Matthias Jabs and people I love… Schenker of course for solos on that album. It should be done in about a month. I’m just happy playing, and happy playing with my dog.”

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