Don Dokken “Tried His Best” To Make Dokken Reunion Happen

Don Dokken “Tried His Best” To Make Dokken Reunion Happen

May 19, 2011

Dokken vocalist Don Dokken has released a statement explaining why the rumored Dokken reunion has failed to materialize.

Don Dokken says, “There was a lot of talk about a Dokken reunion, I tried my best to make it happen for the fans with Jon Levin’s blessing, but the bottom line was Jeff Pilson said he’s busy with Foreigner for the next few years, so that was that. When I agreed to do the Metal Show we were going to announce a reunion but at the last minute Jeff asked me not to talk about it because he had not mentioned it to Mick Jones yet. I totally understood, just wish he would have said something before I agreed to do the show with George Lynch, his comments on the show spoke for themselves. After all these years I have tired of defending myself.

The band is Rokken and we get along great which is paramount to me at this time in my life. I apoligize for not being available more often here to all of you, I will try to be in the future. George will always have his fans which he earned, but I will always give credit to the amazing guitarists that have come after him. Reb Beach gave the band Dokken a great contribution on ‘Erase The slate’, it speaks volumes as to his talent. John Norum as well on ‘Long Way Home’. ‘Dysfunctional’ is still one of my favorites and even though George is credited as the guitarist he did not write any of the songs, that body of work was written by Jeff, Mick Brown, and myself. George came in after it was finished and did the solo’s.

I’m writing this so the truth is out there. ‘Dysfunctional’ sold over 400,000 copies in 1995 which was amazing since grunge was at its hight at the time and bands like us were considered old news! 15 years later were still here and going strong and its because of you, the fans of our music, that allows us to keep touring.

This year it will be 30 years since I recorded ‘Breakin The Chains’ – wow, time flys! Anyway we are beginning to write yet another record and I think its going to be very cool. Again thanks to all that support us and for those of you that need to whine, get a life LOL”

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