Don Jamieson confirms nothing happening with That Metal Show

Don Jamieson confirms nothing happening with That Metal Show

That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson (along with Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine) was recently interviewed by Shut Up & Rock On and the interview was published yesterday.

Back in January 2016, metal heads got the bad news that VH1 would no longer be making any new episodes of That Metal Show but that Trunk, Jamieson and Florentine had the go ahead from VH1 Classic to keep the show alive if it could find a new home. That Metal Show first premiered on VH1 Classic back on November 15, 2008 according to Wikipedia.

Shut Up & Rock On asked Jamieson what was going on with That Metal Show to which the latter replied: “Yeah…nothing. We’re waiting for you to become a heavyweight in the business so you can help us get the show somewhere else. It’s tough, but again, it’s a niche. So you have to find people who get it, who get the music and you know, the rock world is a tough sell right now. And there’s a lot more outlets, you wanna explore things like Netflix and streaming services- Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vevo. You want to consider them as well, but I think we have to find the right fit for us as well. It’s nothing about money or any of that; if we do it again we want to do it right and the way we’ve been doing it but better.”

Jamieson was also asked how he hooked up with Trunk in the first place to which he replied: “Yeah! Jim and I were fans of Eddie’s radio show, we’d come back from gigs late at night on the weekends and we would tune into Eddie and we were like god, this guys just like us- he talks about all the same bands. We met him backstage at an Ozzfest concert, we started guesting on his radio show and that sorta was the idea, that’s how we started to build this kind of rapport between the three of us. He was working at VH1 Classic at the time, thought up the idea, brought it in and thought nothing of it. We basically, sort of, did the show without knowing it in the meeting where we sort of just broke each other’s balls the whole time.”

You can react the rest of the interview with Jamieson at Shut Up & Rock On.