Donnie Vie apologizes for “losing it” and “ripping up” his former Enuff Z’Nuff bandmate Chip Z’Nuff again

Donnie Vie apologizes for “losing it” and “ripping up” his former Enuff Z’Nuff bandmate Chip Z’Nuff again

Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie has publicly apologized for his latest rant against his former bandmate Chip Z’Nuff.

The following message was posted on one of Vie‘s Facebook pages earlier today:

“to all the enuff znuff fans and that current band, I apologize for losing it. I wound up ripping on the old partner again & to the worst place I could have. “Go big or go home”I guess.. As hard as I try, occasionally when” less than thrilled ” meets “gun cleaning day”, accidental shots get fired off. Well apparently it was one of those days. Im trying really hard to get all dialed in, but Im obviously not quite there yet. That was good for nothing good & Im sorry everybody, I did something again. Ill hang my head in shame in the shit house for a while. It blows but nothing new. When u feel like ya got “nothing to lose” sometimes ya feel like ya got nuthin to lose.( ? did that make sense?)

Oh,, and Im sorry Chip Znuff!!”. Everybody say ” Bad DonnieVie” I didnt like the foot i shot off anyways?”

Vie is presumably referring to the “heartfelt penned” letter that he forwarded to Metal Sludge yesterday at 3:43 am.

Excerpts from Vie‘s letter posted on Metal Sludge yesterday are as follows:

“Anyways. Im doing everything right now, im driving my own boat, im away from all that shit and those assholes like chip and his clowny fake idealisms and bullshit that comes out of his mouth,( and its all bullshit, the guys the best bass player, but hes an idiot, a patronizing self entitled goofball who sprays his nasty scent on everything he can and trys to claim it as his.That guy never wrote anything. He didnt produce those records, he didnt even know a string patch from his toy organ to his own ass hole. He sat on the phone smoking pot holding his thumbs up after id nail another killer part, then he would sneak in and fuck it all up behind my back going in to mix shit that he had no idea what or why anthing was tracked and where it needed to sit.He snuck pieces of shit songs of his that i never even heard before till i got a copy of MY fucking records. I still salvaged the best i could, and they still managed to be great records, but no thanks to him. Hes a fucking idiot that thinks hes a genius and thats dangerous.Btw if you wanna print this i dont even give a fuck. Fuck that guy and his red rubber nose. ??