Donnie Vie emphasizes he didn’t quit Enuff Z’Nuff and declares his last run with band as “internally toxic”

Donnie Vie emphasizes he didn’t quit Enuff Z’Nuff and declares his last run with band as “internally toxic”

Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie continues to provide his side of things with respect to his dispute with his ex-bandmate Chip Z’Nuff over the latter’s trademarking of the band name. Vie has accused Chip Z’Nuff of trademarking the band name without letting him know and blocking him from using it. According to Wikipedia, Vie was last active in the band in 2013 when Tory Stoffregen (guitar) and Randi Scott (drums) were also in the group along with Chip Z’Nuff on bass.

The following was posted on one of Vie‘s Facebook pages earlier today:

“Glad ive finally started doing this. Im able to hear and address false facts and rumors. I DID NOT QUIT ENUFF ZNUFF. Yes my issues are chaotic. Also fueled by the same passion as everything else i do. Thats CHOAS. My last run with the band was internally toxic. I was pitted against the rest because i wanted to be a great band, and they wanted to get their dicks sucked and egos stroked and make $ for zero effort. I wasnt satisfied nor thought the fans were , us not playing a better variety of material from the 13 great records and 3 of my own at the time. In fact i had new songs, and felt with tory and randy in addition , we could make a great new record to be recharge our batteries, give the fans more and justify paying and giving these guys who aint on one note, the same thing im making including merch$. To simply be playing the same ol 20 songs in 300 capacity venues to 50 ppl, was pointless and toxic to a frustrated artist and addict like myself. Theres no stimulation just disheartendment. Punch a clock for 100$ playing same ol, to though 50 ppl, 50 diehards.

I wanted to have a couple rehearsals at least and make it a worthwhile experience for not only the fans 20$ but so we or at least i could get into it. If im into it, the bands on fire. If im not we shouldnt be there, cuz then im making 100$ a night to just use for booze n look for drugs to soothe the savage beast. Once they stood against me , i figured fuck them. Then if im out here being the actual only artist and whos killing myself then i want × amount of money per and pre show. Cuz have i not done that i just get what i get , and thats usually less then the hired guys, they are hired. So then i get 50$ or owe cuz i hit chip up for 100$ for drugs. This escalated because my additude telegraphed to stage. It became them n me. Well it thats the case, then you turds go get it started and heated up, and i the artist will come on to my own fanfare. ( something at least) one night i said some shit and smoked on stage and took some lumps from the club owner who was a captain in motorcycle gang. They stood by and let their meal ticket take the lumps, then wouldnt take me to the hospital for the torn trachea i recieved. ( im their singer. 14 shows in a row, bad additude, throat closed up and alone) end of tour the books came in at a figure the guns didnt like their take. This was presented to them as cuz i took all the money. Noooo chance.

I was outraged for them , and announced chip is fired on fb. Thinking i had their back cuz i saw where the money went. Lavish 3 gormet meals a day in expensive hotels. By the float holder. We went home, they went back out without me. I told tory n randy i was sorry they got fucked and that id find us a bassist so we can work and do something great. This is the truth. Im telling nothing but that. If this still unaffects your conclusions then take their dicks out of my ass and put it in your mouth where is primarily alreaddy is. Win win. And ive heard from a horses mouth, they made a pact to never let me back in the band. Well thats fine cuz fuck that. Just make an agreement and pay me for my investment to be able to do so, and stop doing under the table deals with fly high michelle and wheels , etc…behind my back or ill do one and ofer full ownership to the one that brings me the hat n bad wig on a platter”