Donnie Vie found out by working with Chip Z’Nuff again that he would not be able to survive that situation

Donnie Vie found out by working with Chip Z’Nuff again that he would not be able to survive that situation

Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie was recently interviewed by Tom Leu for the Sound Matters Show.

Enuff Z’Nuff fronted by Chip Z’Nuff recently released a new studio album Brainwashed Generation via Frontiers Music Srl and the record included one track titled “Strangers In My Head” which saw Vie and Z’Nuff collaborate and perform together on a song again.

With respect to working with Z’Nuff again, Vie indicated (as transcribed by the Sound Matters Show):

“I love loving him more than I hate hating him.”

“I believe that a lot of the songs that I’ve done weren’t done justice… maybe not only necessarily the line-up or whatever I was working with, but just the sound, the kind of production style that was ‘you gotta do it like this, you gotta do it like that’ and the buzzsaw guitars and shit like that…”

“With everything going on I was losing my fucking mind. The amount of issues involved with my former band and partner and stuff, are just ridiculous and they’re absurd. And I just couldn’t rest with it. It was just so violating. And with pandemic, he (Chip Z’Nuff) reached out because there was a licensing deal for the Dissonance and the 1985 records, and that’s something that he couldn’t actually just do without me, I had to be involved in the business and stuff like that, otherwise he probably would have.”

“Just in that little bit of time working with him and dealing with him a little bit again, it reaffirmed to me why I’m no longer a part of that project or that situation. And I started thinking of all of the issues that would be involved now again with all of that.”

“I wouldn’t survive that. My sobriety wouldn’t survive that. Nothing would survive that again. So there’s no regrets. I found out. I needed to know. It was a good experience for that, and I can put kind of a closure to it. And I hate to say that because I know it would upset some of the real fans, but it’s not possible for us to do anything anymore.”

“I do everything for the fans. The reason I’m still doing this now is for the fans. Some days I’m just not really feeling this anymore. You know I’ve done it a long time. And there’s not a whole lot I get out of it except for when people tell me how much it meant to them, and how it affects them. And that’s what I’m all about and kinda what my purpose is in life. And I get as much from them as they get from me…”

You can listen to the interview with Donnie Vie by Tom Leu at Sound Matters‘ website.