Donnie Vie Plans Anti Myspace Anthem


May 29, 2008

According to AntiMusic, Donnie Vie has had about enough of MySpace Tom’s pussyfooting around that he may take his frustration out in song. Vie has been locked out of his Myspace page for a couple months and has been trying in vain to have the powers that be at the online giant reset his password for almost a month to no avail.

He signed up for the account with an email address he longer has, and tells antiMusic that he has done everything they’ve asked and is so frustrated that he’s ready to record an anti-Myspace anthem set to his 1991 song “Blue Island,” except this time the lyrics won’t be about being left back in Blue Island, Ill by a lover, it will be about being forced to go with Myspace’s biggest competitor, FaceBook.

Vie just wrapped up recording the new Enuff Z’nuff album which is set to feature former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee. On the solo front, this past weekend he released the second digital album in his “Raw Memories” series, where he records some of his and fan favorites live in the studio acoustically. This edition deals with some of the more melodic music from his career and is called “Poppin’ A Few”. It also includes one brand new track and is available exclusively at –

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