Donnie Vie reveals dispute over Chip Z’Nuff trademarking Enuff Z’Nuff name entering “another process”

Donnie Vie reveals dispute over Chip Z’Nuff trademarking Enuff Z’Nuff name entering “another process”

Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie was recently interviewed by Tom Leu for Sound Matters Radio.

Vie was asked about his thoughts on his current relationship with former Enuff Z’Nuff bandmate Chip Z’Nuff to which he indicated (as transcribed by Sound Matters Radio):

“When I hooked up with Chip, you know he found me and fast-tracked me. From very amateurish, I was starting to have good ideas and I could sing, but he fast-tracked me to professional status where I could hit the center stage microphone very quickly. And then the character started developing itself.”

“He says a lot of things like that for the sake of… because saying things like that will benefit him. In reality we’re not too fond of each other at this point. I mean we love each other, there’s a love, but as far as liking and working with each other… if you listen to Chip‘s new record, I didn’t think, and I still don’t think that he should have called it Enuff Z’nuff… He did, he trademarked the name behind my back, and that’s a dispute that we’re now entering another process… I have no desire to use that name anymore, in fact I want to step away from it. Those songs, and all of those records… that was my blood, sweat, and tears… and I did kill myself a couple of times, but I came back and survived through it. All of those lyrics, all those melodies, that’s my blood, sweat, and tears that went into that. And for somebody to just take that and run with it without my approval, without my blessing, because they’re not satisfied with the payout that they ended up with that they were using me to do, I think it’s really unethical.”

“I wanna love him, I wanna have the possibilities of having that door not be shut, that one day maybe we could do a concert together, or make another record, because a lot of fans still think they would like to see me get back with the band. You know, you never say never, but as far as I’m concerned, there would have to be a hell of an incentive, like some miracle, a lightning bolt came down to the earth and changed the whole luck of that band. But I was always somewhat cockblocked, or in a way, I didn’t have that freedom, that piece of mind my where my gut wasn’t telling me something I didn’t feel right about. It’s just because of the way he’s gone about things that I think ‘how could I possibly think about doing that. It’s like an ex-girlfriend or something, you just feel so violated. But I wanna love him. I want like him.”

“But he took from me, the guy who did everything. He did the PR, and he would contribute his ideas to stuff I had written, and he would have his own ideas that I would do my thing to. And it was a lot fun, and I loved the collaborating. But then to do that… I consider that not civil, that’s almost criminal in my heart. And I’m trying really hard to take the higher road and not look like the whiny bitch because that doesn’t look cool. People don’t want their illusion shattered.”

You can listen to the full interview with Donnie Vie at Sound Matters‘ website.