Don’t mess with Last Bullet’s frontman Bryan Fontez

Don’t mess with Last Bullet’s frontman Bryan Fontez

Sleaze Roxx has been raving for sometime about Canadian hard rockers Last Bullet‘s live performances and in particular their singer Bryan Fontez‘s abilities to command and mesmerize an audience. 

Fontez has apparently many hidden talents including as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor or fighter. Competing in his first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, which seemingly appears to have been the 2016 Ontario Provincial Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Fontez took home the bronze medal. The province of Ontario is Canada’s biggest and is listed as having a population of almost 14 million in 2016. Hence, don’t mess with Last Bullet‘s frontman Bryan Fontez!

Fontez posted the following message on his Facebook page earlier today:

“Today might very well be one of the best days of my life.

I competed in my first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament and won a Bronze medal with my wife, team and band supporting and cheering me on, I got to see my friend Misha Cirkunov who inspired me to keep training in jiu-jitsu land the biggest win of his career live here at the ACC, I got to congratulate him and his team back stage and now I’m sitting here with my friends Sunnie, Miyako, Markus and more watching what could possibly be the best UFC card of all time.

These. Fights. Are. Fucking. INSSAAAAAAAANE.

What a crazy night. Someone needs to follow me with a camera because my life is dope as shit and I feel soo fortunate for all of it.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its last concert review featuring Last Bullet back in early April of this year: “As is usually the case in small clubs, Last Bullet made their way onto the stage with little fanfare since they could be seen setting their gear up before the charismatic Fontez addressed the crowd by gaging the audience’s “cheering” levels. Last Bullet then simply proceeded to literally tear the place apart with a spirited set of sexy filthy rock n’ roll. The band sounded great and tight as they first tore through three songs (“State Of Confusion”, “Jet” and my personal Last Bullet favourite “Cowboy”) from their stellar last EP Love.Lust.Illusion….

Fontez and rhythm guitarist Michael Silva were pretty funny together during portions of the evening. At one point, Fontez went on a rather long but enjoyable diatribe about the band liking to tackle serious subjects with their lyrics. That could only mean one song — “Southern Lips” — which Silva advised was about “pussy” after Fontez had finished talking and just before the group launched into the song. Last Bullet also took the time to acknowledge and recognize the band’s “number one fan” which was photographer Brystal Allan who has been singing the group’s praises and attends most of the band’s gigs for a number of years now.

Fontez announced that the band had made up a special t-shirt with “Last Fuckin’ Bullet” at the front. When Fontez was about to present Allan with the t-shirt, he noticed that he had the wrong shirt since the one Allan was to receive was custom made to say “#1 Fan” at the back of the shirt. Silva then humorously quipped “Someone’s going to get fired” or something like that. After the next song was played, Fontez apologized to Allan given that he had forgotten to wish her happy birthday. Again, Silva quickly humorously quipped something along the lines of “Someone’s going to get fired.” Fontez more than made up for it though getting the audience to say “Happy birthday” in unison to Allan. Fontez also started to playfully and jokingly “embarrass” Allan by noticing that she was apparently crying as she was seemingly obviously touched at the kind gestures that the band was giving her. It was nice to see the camaraderie on stage between the band members as well as their fans.”

Back in October 2016, Last Bullet released their latest single “Southern Lips.”

Last Bullet – Southern Lips [Official Audio]

Southern Lips is now available on iTunes and all other streaming services worldwide. For more info visit us at!LyricsYou make my temp…