Doogie White Guests On Kruk’s “In Reverie” Music Video

Doogie White Guests On Kruk’s “In Reverie” Music Video

February 22, 2012

Kruk, a Polish hard rock band, finally revealed their “In Reverie” music video. The song is taken from the band’s second studio album ‘It Will Not Come Back’ (released by Metal Mind Productions in 2011) and features a guest appearance by Doogie White. The charismatic singer is best known to the wide audience for his cooperation with such bands as Midnight Blue, Rainbow, Cornerstore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rata Blanca and most recently Tank.

Piotr Brzychcy, Kruk’s guitarist, describes the band’s work with Doogie White, “Doogie isn’t only a great singer, but also a wonderful man. On the set of the video for ‘In Reverie’ he created a friendly atmosphere, which influenced everyone so much that soon we all forgot about the stress that took hold of us at first. He motivated us to forget about all our inhibitions and to feel the rock ‘n’ roll madness. We also heard lots of various stories from White’s colorful history, usually full of vivid details of the kind that you would never find in a interview. On that day, however, what was the most important for us was the words of acknowledgment and praise which he expressed on several occasions with reference to Kruk.”

Kruk’s album ‘It Will Not Come Back’ is out now. Full details can be find on Metal Mind’s website at

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