Doomsday Outlaw to release new album ‘Hard Times’ on May 11th

Doomsday Outlaw to release new album ‘Hard Times’ on May 11th

UK rockers Doomsday Outlaw will be releasing their sophomore full-length album Hard Times via Frontiers Music Srl on May 11, 2018.

Frontiers Music Srl‘s press release states in part (with slight edits):

Doomsday Outlaw is a ten-legged hard rock, blues tinged juggernaut based in darkest Derbyshire. Coupling huge riffs and killer grooves with soaring, soulful vocals to deliver timeless tales of heartbreak and redemption, the group is set to show off its distinctive sound to the legions of hard rock faithful around the globe via a new album, Hard Times‘, which is set for worldwide release via Frontiers Music Srl in May 2018.

Doomsday Outlaw vocalist Phil Poole says: “Not wanting to sound clichéd, but we’re so excited to be sharing our new album with the world. We’ve given everything to create something we are really proud of and having the opportunity to share it is really what’s it’s all about. Whether you buy the record, just listen to it, or come and see us live, getting feedback from fans is amazing and is a feeling that never gets old. This is a big year for us and we can’t wait to get cracking.”

Drummer John Willis adds: “Phil is our ace in the hole. Everything else was in place with the songwriting and performance, but Phil has helped take the band to the next level.” Poole joined the already well-oiled quartet of Steve Broughton and Gavin Mills (guitars), John ‘Ironfoot’ Willis (drums) and Indy (bass) in June 2015, after which the band really gelled as a cohesive unit. Wasting no time in crafting a killer new set, they subsequently hit the road and have shared stages with the likes of Stone BrokenWarrior SoulVintage Caravan and Electric Boys.

Self-released in May 2016, the band’s debut album, ‘Suffer More‘, received glowing notices from UK magazines such as Powerplay (“I doubt you will hear a better album this year. 10 out of 10”) and Fireworks (“Now THIS is a find!”), an ‘Album of the Week’ accolade from website Worship Metal (“Doomsday Outlaw could release an album every 6 weeks and it’d be better than 99% of the bands out there”) and many more rave reviews. Mounting critical acclaim plus a burgeoning reputation as a killer live act brought the band to the attention of Frontiers Music Srl, a company that is already home to rising UK stars such as IngloriousWayward Sons and Bigfoot, in addition to hard rock legends like Whitesnake and Uriah Heep. Realizing their enormous potential, label president Serafino Perugino wasted no time in signing the band.

With their new album and a ton of live shows locked in, including a string of summer festival appearances, 2018 is destined to be the Year of the Outlaw!”

Track List for Hard Times:
01. Hard Times
02. Over And Over
03. Spirit That Made Me
04. Into The Light
05. Bring It On Home
06. Days Since I Saw The Sun
07. Will You Wait
08. Break You
09. Come My Way
10. Were You Ever Mine
11. Too Far Left To Fall

Doomsday Outlaw‘s “Bring It On Home” video:

Doomsday Outlaw – “Bring It On Home” (Official Music Video)

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