Doro explains why she released a double studio album with ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’

Doro explains why she released a double studio album with ‘Forever Warriors, Forever United’

Doro just released her new double studio album Forever Warriors, Forever United via Nuclear Blast and was recently interviewed by Dead Rhetoric.

With respect to whether she was able to go for a more diverse range with her songs given that she was doing double studio album, Doro advised: “Yeah – I had about 35-40 songs and I usually have to pick like 12 and I said, “Oh no!” I love them all – they have good quality and deep meanings behind them. So I called the record company and asked if I could do a double album and they said that in this day and age it was unusual. But a few months ago, they told me I could do it. So I got to pick my 25 favorites. I guess every song is different – there are many anthems, soulful ballads…I love them all. From the super hardcore to the super sensitive.”

In terms of how she will decide the setlist for her upcoming tours in support of Forever Warriors, Forever United, Doro stated: “I would like to have the fans decide, because I love them all. Of course, the singles like “All for Metal,” have been played in the festivals and it’s been great, so that’s in our setlist. It makes people feel so good. All the other songs, I don’t know yet. When I am playing festivals, I tend to play maybe one or two ballads max. When I play 2-2.5 hours shows, I can play some more ballads but I think the fans should decide the songs. We’ll do it over the Internet or Facebook or something.

We want to release more singles – the first was “All For Metal,” the second one was “Lift Me Up,” which was a very nice song – very uplifting lyrics and melodies. The third one is the duet with Johan, “If I Can’t Have You, No One Will,” and then there’s a nice ballad called “It Cuts So Deep.” I’m pretty sure we will play a few gigs and see. There’s some bonus tracks too! There are some nice ones in there as well – I can imagine fans will probably want to hear some of them too. One is called “Metal is My Alcohol,” and it’s very fun. Then we have all the other 19 records – oh god, this is going to be really tough!”

You can read the rest of the interview with Doro at Dead Rhetoric.