Doro ‘Fear No Evil’ Album Trailer Now Online


January 10, 2009

Below is the trailer for the new DORO album “Fear No Evil”, out on January 30th. The album will be available as a limited Fan Box, limited Digi Pak, limited Picture Vinyl and Standard CD.

The track listing is as follows:
01. Night Of The Warlock
02. Running From The Devil
03. Celebrate
04. Caught In A Battle
05. Herzblut
06. On The Run
07. Walking With The Angels
08. I Lay My Head
09. It Kills Me
10. Long Lost For Love
11. 25 Years

Bonus tracks (limited-edition digipack):
12. Wildfire
13. You Won My Love
14. Herzblut (CD-ROM Video)

The CD will include two songs that DORO co-wrote with Joey Balin (producer for “Triumph & Agony” & “Force Majeure”), those songs are: “Celebrate” and “Walking With The Angels” (featuring ex-NIGHTWISH vocalist Tarja Turunen).

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