Doro releases live video for track “Für Immer”

Doro releases live video for track “Für Immer”

The Ultimate Metal Queen (as dubbed by Sleaze Roxx) Doro has unveiled another live video from her upcoming live album Triumph And Agony Live, which will be released via Rare Diamonds Productions / Rough Trade on September 24, 2021. After the release of the live video for her signature track “All We Are”, Doro has now unveiled one for the ballad “Für Immer.”

Track List for Triumph And Agony Live:
01. Legacy (Intro)
02. Touch Of Evil
03. I Rule The Ruins
04. East Meets West
05. Three Minute Warning
06. Kiss Of Death
07. Für Immer
08. Cold, Cold World
09. Make Time For Love
10. Metal Tango
11. All We Are

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Doro spoke about writing the songs for Warlock‘s landmark album Triumph and Agony (1987) and how the ballad “Für Immer” came about. Doro stated:

“Then the last song was pretty interesting because we had everything done and we were really happy and satisfied with it, but totally sad that it was over and that everything was done. You feel totally empty and kinda like it’s getting very depressing. And we said, ‘What shall we do? Shall we go to the movies? Or should we have dinner or do something or should we meet friends’ and no, nothing. And then, [we thought] ‘Shall we write another song?’ ‘Okay!’ So we were sitting there writing another song. Joey [Balin] asked me ‘What kind of song would I like?’ I said, ‘I would like to have something really special, like the wildest fastest, most aggressive brutal song in a whole wide world!’

“Für Immer” came out [of that]! The first song in German… a ballad, a German, English, Spanish sentence. And it later on became the second single and that song “Für Immer” [along with] “All We Are” were, throughout the whole career, these were the two most important songs. And then, the record company said, ‘Ah, the record is great, but one song’s gotta go.’ We thought, ‘Which song could that be?’ They said, ‘The German song, you can’t put it on the record and it’s a ballad and it’s in German.’ And I said, ‘No, it has so much magic.’ I really felt it. We had big discussions, many discussions. And I said, ‘Okay.’ Because it was vinyl, I said, ‘Okay, then [let’s make it] the last song on the B-side.’ The last song that nobody would listen to it.

We hopped on tour with the legendary Ronnie James Dio in Europe. In America, it was with Megadeth. And immediately when we started the tour, “Für Immer” and “All We Are”, they were the two songs which people always wanted to hear. Then the record company said, ‘Oh, the second single, for sure, that will be “Für Immer”.’ And I said, ‘Well, didn’t you say you wanted to have it [taken] off the record”?  They said, ‘No, no, no, no. It’s great. That’s the second single.’ It was all great to make.”

Doro‘s “Für Immer” live video: