Doro reveals Warlock’s single “All We Are” has sometimes been played two or three times in her live set

Doro reveals Warlock’s single “All We Are” has sometimes been played two or three times in her live set

German rocker Doro was recently interviewed by Sleaze Roxx‘s long-time contributor Ruben Mosqueda for KNAC. Doro was promoting her new album Triumph And Agony Live, which will be released via Rare Diamonds Productions / Rough Trade on September 24, 2021.

In terms of how special Warlock‘s album Triumph And Agony (1987) has been for her and especially through the recording of Triumph And Agony Live, Doro indicated (with slight edits):

“Recording Triumph And Agony has a lot of great memories, I always wanted to go to America. It was always my dream to go to America. I had a little promotional tour for three days on the True As Steel album. I was in New York and I totally fell in love with the United States. It was such a great time for metal. I met somebody whose name was Joey Balin on that promotional tour. We really hit it off and he and I wrote the songs for the Triumph And Agony album. We recorded the album at The Power Station studio in New York with Joey producing. It was a wonderful studio. I think it was one of the best studios available at the time. There was so much magic and atmosphere in the making of the album. We also used a great engineer, Steve Rinkoff was his name, he became the engineer for Jim Steinman. He was super talented and super nice too.

Cozy Powell played on one song, he actually played on many songs. I wanted someone with a lot of power on “A Touch of Evil”. I said to my manager, “I really need someone with energy and power. I have a song where I really want to scream and do a song that is really insane”. He said, “Okay, I think I have somebody in mind, just go to the studio there will be somebody waiting for you”. I went to the studio the next day and it was Cozy Powell! So he played on “A Touch of Evil” and then the next day I recorded my vocals. I was screaming! Then there was some lightning outside. We could see it through the window. Then the power went out. The guys in the studio said, “Doro, what did you do? That was great.” The next day I went back into the studio and we listened to the vocals and it was great! We thought that we’d have to recut them, but we just kept them. It was a combination of Cozy‘s power drumming and my screaming…I don’t know where I got that energy for that! [laughs] We have just the best memories of making that album. We didn’t know that this would be such a big record for us.

When we went in to record “All We Are” we actually went out to the street and asked people to help us record the background vocals. So we got all these people that agreed to be on the record. They were so nice and happy to be on the record. Then we called some of our friends too. I remember I was sitting in the studio with the engineer watching everyone singing “All We Are”. After listening to that, I felt that it could be the first single for the record. So, as you know it was the first single, it was the first video and we shot it at the L.A. River Basin. There was a time when we had Headbanger’s Ball and it was going strong and the video was getting played. What a time. All these memories came back to me when we did Triumph And Agony Live. Every song is a killer song…even the ones that we never played live! We had such a great time playing that live. You can see how overjoyed we were in the footage. It looks great. It sounds great and every song is meaningful and powerful. Every show after the release of Triumph And Agony, we performed “All We Are”. There have been times where we even performed it 2-3 times in a set! [laughs] There have been times where people have wanted to hear it more than once! [laughs] It was just unbelievable! I think because it’s very powerful, uplifting and it’s timeless.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Doro by Ruben Mosqueda at KNAC‘s website.

Doro’s “All We Are” live video: