Drama Queen release song “Annie” inspired by Annie Lobert for streaming

Drama Queen release song “Annie” inspired by Annie Lobert for streaming

Illinois, USA rockers Drama Queen have released a new song titled “Annie” for streaming. The band had previously released a video for its song “We’re On Fire” back in late December 2016.

The group’s “Story” on its Facebook page states (with slight edits):

Drama Queen is an all-original commercial 80’s hard rock/heavy metal band out of Rockford, IL. Currently, we are in the middle of recording a full length CD in the studio. The songs are very marketable commercial hard rock – very catchy, sell-able and appealing to the 80’s hard rock fan base. Live performances will follow after the CD is complete.”

The song “Annie” is apparently inspired by Annie Lobert who is the wife of Stryper guitarist Oz Fox and the founder of Hookers For Jesus & Freedom Fighter which are for all who are trapped in modern day slavery.

Lobert‘s “Personal Information” on her Facebook page states:

“I am and author of a memoir about my life: Fallen: Out of The Sex Industry and Into The Arms Of The Savior and also the founder of Hookers for Jesus which is an international, faith-based organization that addresses human sex trafficking, sexual violence, and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry.

The Destiny House program was established to help ladies that desire to escape human sex trafficking. Destiny’s House is a place where any woman can come to truly start a new live, and no worry about her past!

We promote physical wellness in the lives of those who have been affected by sexual trauma and related forms of abuse in the adult entertainment industry. We assist teens/women who are seeking to escape from sex trafficking or transition out of the industry.

The focus of our community awareness program includes educating and equipping the community & church to minister healing to lives already sexually broken by pornography, sexual addiction, and sex trafficking victimization. From first hand experience, we train and lead others out from the shadows of sexual sin into a place where they can develop an intimate relationship with God.

I am currently writing a book about my life, career, and escape from sex trafficking. I was a full time escort for more than a decade in the sex industry. Please read my testimony on my profile or visit my website to learn more.”

Drama Queen‘s “Annie” video:

DRAMA QUEEN – Annie (Official Music) © Copyright 2017

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