Drama Queen unveil video for single “Tequila Sheila”

Drama Queen unveil video for single “Tequila Sheila”

Rockford, Illinois, USA rockers Drama Queen consisting of lead vocalist Tee Sing, guitarists Matt Vogt and Jim Michelsen, drummer Rob Pace, keyboardist Tara Sheetz and bassist J-Ro Rostamo have released a video for their latest single “Tequila Sheila.”

Drama Queen describe themselves as follows on their Facebook page (with slight edits): “Drama Queen is an all-original commercial 80’s hard rock / heavy metal band out of Rockford, IL. We released a full length CD in March of 2018. The songs are very marketable commercial hard rock – very catchy, sell-able and appealing to the 80’s hard rock fan base. Now booking for live performances.”

Sleaze Roxx concluded the following in its review of Drama Queen‘s debut self-tiled album:

“Funny enough, as I was scrolling through Drama Queen‘s Facebook home page looking for the release date for the group’s self-titled album, I was surprised by how many seemingly good reviews that the album had received. I didn’t bother reading any of them as I didn’t want to influence my opinion in any way. To me, Drama Queen‘s self-titled album is a record with songs that have a lot of unfinished potential. There are a lot of good elements to the songs and they usually start off pretty nicely but they never seem to get to that next level.”

Drama Queen‘s “Tequila Sheila” video: