Drama Queen Working On Debut Album

Drama Queen Working On Debut Album

August 7, 2013

Hard rock band Drama Queen are currently in the studio writing and recording a full-length CD in their own private studio just outside of their home of Rockford, Illinois (yes, the same Rockford where Cheap Trick started).

Drama Queen originally formed in October 2012 and started writing and recording ideas and riffs. The band’s first self-titled song called “Drama Queen” debuted on their Facebook page on June 27th, followed by the second release “We’re On Fire” a month later, and the responses to them have been overwhelmingly positive. With many more song ideas in the works, the band plans to pick the best 10-12 songs to put on the CD for release in spring of 2014. The band’s goal all along was to re-capture that ’80s commercial hard rock sound that is very much sought after these days. With melodic melodies and hook choruses, Drama Queen is creating something very close to you would have heard back in the late ’80s from commercial hard rock acts.

The band — Curt Lewis (vocals), Matt Vogt (guitarist), Rob Pace (drums, formerly of Diamond Rexx and Shark Island), Darrell Palmer (bass) and Jill Tartaglia (keyboards) — agrees that ’80s hard rock music is timeless and is here to stay. Once the CD is completed, the Drama Queen plans to shop for a record label and support the CD with live performances as early as the summer of 2014.

To stay up to date on Drama Queen album progress and news visit them at www.facebook.com/therealdramaqueenrocks and www.mattvogtrocks.com.

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