Drummer Dhani Mansworth explains how The Treatment came up with cover for ‘Waiting For Good Luck’

Drummer Dhani Mansworth explains how The Treatment came up with cover for ‘Waiting For Good Luck’

The Treatment drummer Dhani Mansworth and guitarist Tag Grey were recently interviewed by Mark Diggins for The Rockpit. The Treatment will be releasing their new studio album Waiting For Good Luck via Frontiers Music Srl on April 9, 2021.

In terms of how The Treatment came up with their album cover for Waiting For Good Luck, Mansworth indicated: We were just having a conversation and the idea and the idea came from my Dad our manager. Why don’t we get Dave – he’s our roadie – the most useless roadie in the world – we pay him fifty quid to make us laugh, you know what I mean? (laughs)”

Mansworth continued: “So we thought why don’t we just get Dave in an armchair, pissed? (laughs) And we thought about it and thought it might actually work! So we got him dressed in a rank old vest and gave him a pack of fags and few beers so we had him sit there have a Chinese and dribble it all over himself and we took a photo of it. But we kind of thought that’s how everyone is feeling at the moment, everyone in the UK is in that exact position.”

Grey piped in: “It was definitely very tongue-in-cheek. I remember the night before we released the artwork we weren’t 100% sure how it was gonna go down!” Mansworth added: “They’ll either love it or hate it! (laughs)”

Grey concluded: “But the response from that was incredible, and that was before anyone had even heard any music from the album. And we were like “Wow, people get this” and the right after the first music was ‘Rat Race’ the firs single and since then it’s really come alive from us. We’ve got such an amazing community of fans and loyal fans who are really supporting us at this time and showing their appreciation. Something has really changed since Covid – a lot of people are really checking out music and really supporting the up-and-coming bands.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Dhani Mansworth and Tag Grey at The Rockpit‘s website.

The Treatment‘s “Rat Race” video (from upcoming album Waiting For Good Luck):