Drummer Nigel Glockler feels Saxon are a two-guitar band just like Judas Priest

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Drummer Nigel Glockler feels Saxon are a two-guitar band just like Judas Priest

Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler was recently interviewed by Yiannis Dolas for Greece’s Rock Pages. Glockler was promoting Saxon‘s new studio album Carpe Diem, which was recently released via Silver Lining Music on February 4, 2022.

Glockler was asked for his opinion on Judas Priest announcing earlier this year that they were going to proceed as a four-piece band on their upcoming tour and essentially go from two guitarists to one (before the group went back on that decision), to which the drummer replied:

“How on Earth would that happen? I mean, Judas Priest, have two guitars. No, no, no, . No! When I heard that, I thought, “Oh my God”, I think everybody thought about that. They did. I mean, you only have to read some of the comments online. They are a two-guitar band. That’s what I mean. It’d be the same with us. Yeah, we couldn’t do it. With one guitarist, I guess we could go out and probably have a great gig, but it wouldn’t be the same. Because there’s dual guitar parts, there’s different parts that both guitarists have to play, and if you’re lacking some, it’s not going to work the same.”

In terms of whether Saxon‘s latest studio album Carpe Diem is better than the group’s last couple of albums, Glockler indicated: “Yeah, I actually I tend to agree with you, yeah, it’s a little bit more old school guitar riffing… I think, you know, the people, if they loved the last couple of albums, they’ll they’ll love this one. I mean, there’s some great songs on there, you know? But again, there’s a couple of sort of things that are maybe a little bit more old school, for instance “The Pilgrimage”. It’s great for me because the drumming is a lot slower (laughs). Well, I can kind of relax a bit on that one, you know?”

You can read the rest of the interview with Nigel Glockler at Rock Pages‘ website.

Saxon’s “The Pilgrimage” video (from Carpe Diem album):