Drummer Steve Brown shares how he ended up playing on The End Machine’s new album ‘Phase2’

Drummer Steve Brown shares how he ended up playing on The End Machine’s new album ‘Phase2’

The End Machine drummer “Mild” Steve Brown was recently interviewed by Andrew DiCecco for Vinyl Writer Music. Brown was promoting The End Machine‘s sophomore album Phase2, which was just released today (on April 9, 2021) via Frontiers Music Srl. The End Machine consists of Brown, lead vocalist Robert Mason, guitarist George Lynch and bassist Jeff Pilson. Brown‘s older brother “Wild” Mick Brown played on the group’s debut self-titled album.

In terms of how he ultimately got involved with The End Machine‘s Phase2 project, Brown indicated:

“Somewhere around June, things were a little slow, but I had some studio things I was doing. Then, I started thinking, “If I didn’t get to do this again, it’s fine. I did well, and everything’s cool.” Then, the very next day, my phone dinged, and it was from “Maybe: George Lynch.” It said, “Do you wanna make a record with Jeff Pilson and me?” I was like, “Of course.” Usually, when I get a call, it’s for that day or the day after, so I’m ready to go. I’m like, “Okay, is it this weekend?” They said, “No, we got a little time.” Then, Jeff, George, and I had a conference call or two and talked it out. George was curious and asked, “What’s your style? Where did you go musically?” I’m sure he wasn’t sitting down listening to Oleander records. So, George sent me a message one day and said, “Can you send me some stuff that you played on.” I sent him like ten YouTube things, and I’m like, “I can keep going,” and he’s like, “No, that’s good.” So, I think they felt I was at least capable of at least putting something together. I don’t think they had an idea that Mick and I would be such similar players until it really came down to it.”

In regard to how his relationship has been with Lynch over the years, Brown stated: “It was probably a lot more when I was younger. When Mick and George first moved down to L.A., they would probably scrounge up enough gas money to come home for a few days so they could eat. When I was younger, George was around a little bit more. Then, over the years – especially in the Dokken years – we would see a lot of each other. He moved back to the small town where I grew up, somewhere in the 90s, and we ran into each other and talked about doing a record, which turned out to be Lynch Mob’s Smoke This. My relationship with George has always been good. We’d run into each other at Namm shows in L.A., and I’d always send him a note here and there to say hi.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Steve Brown at Vinyl Writer Music‘s website.

The End Machine‘s “Dark Divide” single (from Phase2 album):