DSP finalize line-up by adding bassist Rhonda Roxx and drummer Thumper

DSP finalize line-up by adding bassist Rhonda Roxx and drummer Thumper

Back in September 2018, DSP frontman David Scary Perry was searching for band members so that he could start playing live gigs with. The singer / guitarist has now found a rhythm section for his band DSP.

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx, Perry advised:

“I have been working extremely hard since that time putting together and piecing the right band members for us. I have selected Rhonda Roxx on bass and Thumper on drums. We are also in the process of scheduling our second video shoot for our single titled ‘Combinations.’ Looking to shoot it by this summer!”

Perry has also released his own autobiography titled Order Up! With A Side Of Jam, which Amazon describes as follows (with slight edits): “Performance guitarist David “Scary” Perry is an accomplished musician, food & beverage server, and author. He commenced his journey with visions of rock stardom in the 1980’s. Being passionate for the public, he became a food & beverage server. He performs locally in his hometown of Tampa, Florida periodically as well.”

DSP‘s “50” video:

DSP – “50”. (Official Music Video)

DSP – “50”. (Official Music Video) Directed by DSP. (C) 2018. Shot by Innovative Films Video Services. Co directed by Chris Leto and Jason Henne. Edited by Chris Leto & DSP. Dedicated to the age “50”, Jett, his Mother, Stepfather and all the Rock & Roll fans around the globe.

DSP‘s “True Love” song:

DSP – “True Love”. (Official Audio)

Recorded/Mixed and produced by DSP. DSPEntertainment,LLC. COPYRIGHT 2018. Contact DSP at dpartists@aol.com.