Duff McKagan Doesn’t Rule Out Guns N’ Roses Reunion


July 2, 2008

AntiMusic has posted the following: Today’s Running Out of Patience Meter reading: it has been 5,335 days since the last new Guns N’ Roses album was released. With that said, let’s get to today’s GNR related story, which also involves Velvet Revolver’s new singer! Metro from 94 WYSP spoke with Duff on Tuesday and got the bonus of Dave from The Presidents Of The United States Of America being on the line as well. Here is a short recap of what they talked about.

During the interview Metro asked Duff about Matt Sorum’s comments that a GNR reunion is inevitable. Duff said in part “there is no backroom talks, there never has been.. but anything can happen, you see all these bands getting back together. I guess hell froze over for the Eagles and they did it. But it’s not something I count on, or even need in my life.” He had more to say, you’ll have to listen to the full interview for that.

Metro also asked about Matt’s comments about the new Velvet Revolver singer: “Matt your drummer, this week, said that there is actually a guy who you are quote, massaging, and if you will sort of checking it out, feeling it out, letting him work with you.” (laughs from Dave, “your massaging him and feeling him out”). Then Duff said, “I wouldn’t use, probably the words Matt used, but there is a guy we feel is pretty close to what we are looking for. And he’s a great guy, amazing singer…” (Dave: “He must be hot, if your messaging him”).

Then Metro asked, “Hey, if I guess who it is, will you tell me?” and Duff responded, “Maybe.” Find out who he guessed and Duff’s response right here with the full interview.

Courtesy of www.antimusic.com