Duff McKagan Plans To Attend Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Duff McKagan Plans To Attend Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

March 10, 2012

Speculation whether Guns N’ Roses will reform during their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this April has been running wild. While no one knows for sure what will happen, one former member of the band, bassist Duff McKagan, does plan on attending.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview McKagan was asked if he knew what is going to happen at the induction ceremony. “I don’t. I know I’m going to go,” said the bassist. “I can’t, at all, speak for anybody else. And won’t. I’ll be there with bells on. Is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame that important to me? No. Is it something I’ve aspired towards? No. It’s not sports. You get into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, that’s bad ass. But that’s a competitive sport. You have stats. Look, we were a good band — but there were a lot of good bands. A lot of people liked our band, eventually. And that’s kick ass.”

“What I found out when we got nominated is that there’s just a shit ton of fans around the world who are really psyched,” Duff continued. “In that case, it’s more about them and the people that believed in us and bought our records and came and saw us. Imagine that? All those people believing in our band — a thing we created out of thin air. That part of it is an honor. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as an institution? I really don’t know much about it.”

“I think it would be killer,” Duff replied when asked if he hoped Guns N’ Roses would reunite and play. “Do I hope to? That’s a tricky question. It would be awesome. You have those day dreams like, “We’ll go up and play ‘Nightrain’ and ‘Brownstone’ and throw down the microphone and drop off! That’ll be killer!’ But I doubt that’ll happen. There’s been no communication about anyone playing. There was probably a day in the mid-1990s where I would have tried to gather the troops, but I’m just not that guy anymore. It’s too frustrating to change anyone else… I’m not even sure I’d want to change how anyone else sees a situation. But I’m going.”

The entire interview with Duff McKagan can be viewed at www.rollingstone.com.

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