Duff McKagan Says ‘Guns N’ Roses Super Bowl Rumours Are Bullshit’

Duff McKagan Says ‘Guns N’ Roses Super Bowl Rumours Are Bullshit’

March 10, 2011

Duff McKagan Says 'Guns N' Roses Super Bowl Rumours Are Bullshit'Duff McKagan has said that rumours about the original Guns N’ Roses line-up reuniting for Super Bowl 2012 are “bullshit”. Speaking to Rolling Stone, he refuted claims on any kind of reunion with singer Axl Rose.

There had been reports that talks were afoot for the original line-up to play the half-time show at Super Bowl next year. McKagan said: “That’s bullshit. Pure, unadulterated bullshit.”

He also said that the first he heard about the rumour was from his wife, who read about it on the internet.

McKagan jokingly responded to a question about what it would take for Guns N’ Roses to reunite. “Seven gilded doves,” he laughed. “I have no answer for that. I’ve got to come up with a good one, though. We’d need a secret clubhouse on an island.”

He also answered a question on Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, who has been rumoured to be joining his band Velvet Revolver as singer. “There is no status,” he said. “[Bandmate] Slash has been on tour, I’m starting a tour. But saying all that, there is no Velvet Revolver singer.”

McKagan returns to the UK this June with Duff McKagan’s Loaded to play Download.

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