Duff McKagan Wonders Where The Public Outrage Over Internet Piracy Is

Duff McKagan Wonders Where The Public Outrage Over Internet Piracy Is

January 20, 2012

Duff McKagan Wonders Where The Public Outrage Over Internet Piracy IsDuff McKagan has spoken his mind regarding the recent SOPA/PIPA anti-piracy legislation battle by stating, “as a practicing musician who has seen his industry turned upside down, and see how piracy has hurt every artist from chart-toppers to indie start-ups, this PIPA upheaval is a slap in the face.”

The Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist showed his support for the controversial legislation in his latest Seattle Weekly blog. The rocker continued by saying, “The fury from the Internet class is that the broad language in the pieces of legislation will be bad for start-ups, might prevent the next YouTube, or give the government the ability to take down a whole site because of one link to copyrighted works. In short, they’re opposed to the legislation because they think it will be bad for the Internet business.

Bad for business. Anti-piracy legislation could be bad for the Internet business. It almost takes my breath away. Internet piracy has claimed half of the recorded music business, and made the prospect of making a living as a musician harder for artists of all rank and file. Why didn’t Google, or Facebook, or Wikipedia ever stand in solidarity with musicians, actors, and writers — most of whom have never known fame and fortune — as their works were stolen with no recourse on their sites?”

Finally McKagan wonders, “Where are the “fans,” the lovers of music? Why have they never stood up and taken a stand for the men and women in front of and behind the microphone? Yes, yes, this is all boring, right? It’s typical that the “rich rock guy” would be spouting from his golden pulpit. But let me tell you something, the working stiffs at recording studios and record stores that have had to close thanks to rampant internet piracy never were rich, but they are out of a job.”

You can read Duff McKagan’s entire article at blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2012/01/quit_whining_about_sopa_and_pi.php.

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