Duff McKagan’s Loaded Performs Live At WZZO Studios, Video Online


May 21, 2009

Radio personality Tori Thomas had Duff McKagan’s Loaded in the WZZO Studio before their show in Allentown yesterday. Loaded performed two songs, “Wasted Heart” and “Flatline”, and chatted for a bit. Audio and video links to the interview can be found below:

Part 1
Part 2 – includes “Wasted Heart” performance
Part 3
Part 4 – includes “Flatline” performance
Part 5

“Wasted Heart” video footage:

“Flatline” video footage:

In related news, Duff McKagan penned his latest ‘Duffonomics’ article for Play Boy Magazine entitled “The Dirty Side of the Music Business”. The entire article can be read at http://www.playboy.com/articles/duffonomics-the-dirty-side-of-the-music-business/index.html – a short excerpt can be read below:

Back when I was in GN’R, bands like us could pretty much operate at a break-even point on the road because acts were selling more records than is even imaginable these days. The reason for the dramatic downturn in record sales, of course, was the digitizing of music. Putting music on CDs meant it had to be in digital form; eventually this led to the situation where digital files like the MP3 were divorced from any physical product, making the Internet and home computers the prime means of distributing music. A rock tour back then, at the dawn of the digital era, was really just a huge commercial to sell your record. Because a larger portion of people get their music for free via piracy these days, touring, “merch” sales (mostly t-shirts, but also stickers and pins and anything else you can slap your band’s logo onto), and licensing of one’s music for ads and ringtones must support the average music act these days.

The major record labels missed the only real opportunity to get paid from illegal downloading back in 1997 or so. We all remember the Napster conundrum when Metallica sued them, right? Hey, as far as I’m concerned, Metallica had every right to demand payment for their hard-wrought recordings. But there was another deal on the table then from Napster that was never really publicized–and this where the “major labels” fucked up in my opinion.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.wzzo.com