Dylan Mantica Band releases video for “LoveDoll”

Dylan Mantica Band releases video for “LoveDoll”

The Italy based Dylan Mantica Band has released its first single entitled “LoveDoll.”

dylan-mantica-band-photoThe group’s Bio on its Facebook page states (with slight edits):

DMB (Dylan Mantica Band) was formed in February 2015, born as a project and a dream of Dylan Mantica.

His friend and manager pushed him to put out of the chest some old songs written and composed with another band “ManticA.”

Dylan started soon with the work, arranging and recording all instruments.

[He was joined in] the project by Alessio Torri, Marco Mercuri and Jano.

The album is called “The Man In The Whole World“, from which the first single “LoveDoll “(Side B” Loser “) was extracted and distributed in 240 countries under Zimbalam label.

They are currently busy promoting their first album.”

The Dylan Mantica Band consists of Dylan Mantica (lead guitar), Alessio Torri (lead vocals), Marco Mercuri (rhythm guitar) and Jano (bass).

Dylan Mantica Band‘s “LoveDoll” video:

LoveDoll Official Video ©2016

Dylan Mantica Band’s Album is available under the following link: http://dylanmanticaband.zimbalam.com Love Doll (Dylan Mantica, Dino Fameli) _Hello my love doll, today we play again, I let you feel my razor blade, I don’t fuck you but this is Jack the ripper’s game don’t have fear please, you wont feel