Dynazty Set To Release ‘Renatus’ In Late March

Dynazty Set To Release ‘Renatus’ In Late March

January 31, 2014

Dynazty are set to release ‘Renatus’, their fourth studio album, via Spinefarm Records on March 26th in Japan and the 31st in the UK. The album’s first single and video, “Starlight”, will be out on February 17th.

Stockholm, Sweden’s Dynazty was established by hard rock loving dudes Love Magnusson and John Berg in 2007. After a wee bit of line-up tweaking, and unearthing from obscurity an ace vocalist named Nils Molin in 2008, the fearsome fivesome was ready to take on the world.

Since then, in mere five years, Dynazty has released three albums, toured internationally, criss-crossed Sweden and made themselves a household name there by playing at the wildly popular mainstream event Melodifestivalen twice — in 2011 as a guest and in 2012 as a contestant, almost making the top 10 out of 3485 total songs. The number of contestant songs alone sounds incredible, but hey — it’s Sweden.

Destined for greatness right from the outset, Dynazty witnessed the first signs of widespread success with 2011’s ‘Knock You Down’, an album that rose to #21 on the Swedish Mainstream Album Charts and hit #1 on the Metal Album Charts. Its successor, ‘Sultans of Sin’, released on the Leap Day of 2012, continued the conquest with position #8 on the Mainstream Album Chart. Everything looked hunky-dory, to say the least.

Despite the on-going success, the band would not be Dynazty had they chosen to rest on their laurels. The old saying goes that “you shouldn’t alter a winning team”. Another says that “you shouldn’t fix that which is not broken”. Yet Dynazty has, after the previous album, done both. They’ve both set themselves a challenge and risen to it. After all, challenges are opportunities in disguise.

Let us quote the group themselves, “After 4 years, 3 studio albums and shows on almost every continent of the globe we took the time in late 2012 to really figure out what we wanted this band to be in the future. Updating ourselves both musically and sonically to a place where we felt that we wanted to be right now was paramount and once we started to write ‘Renatus’ everything fell into place. Heavier and faster-paced music with big arrangements built around soaring vocal melodies is the recipe for this album and talking about firsts, this is the first album with our new bass player and band member, the first to be produced by ourselves and the first to be released on Spinefarm, Finland.”

Dynazty have with ‘Renatus’ concocted the ingredients for a sonic bomb that may well be heard throughout the world. Blah blah and yeah, yeah, we know, we know — every album you read about is told to be the best thing since sliced bread and whatnot. Just that this time you can take my word for it. ‘Renatus’ is not your run of the mill hard rock album. And if you don’t hear it yourself, you better donate your ears to someone who knows what the hell to do with them!

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com