Easy Action Recording New Music With Chris Laney


April 5, 2008

Producer Chris Laney, who also plays with Zan Clan and Randy Piper’s Animal, released the following statment today regarding the return of Swedish band Easy Action:

My friend Zinny asked me to produce the new Easy Action recording, I took the job with a big smile knowing this would be a cool thing to do.

The band today is Zinny J Zan (Shotgun Messiah/Zan Clan) and Kee Marcello ( Europe/K2) as the only remaining original members but lemme tell you, the new band is awesome!

Drummer Gizzly is amazing, Michael and Simon too, Great line up!!!!

Started off on Thursday, woke up sick as a dog, lemme tell ya, my face was GREEN! I came in a little later, Lennart Ostlund started up the thing by fixing the logistics, then all I had to do was producing and recording. It all went smooth even thou I had the fever …

Day two, yesterday, felt GREAT, I even had some food;)

We nailed the rest of the recording, it went more than great, by 6pm we had the 2 songs down!!! The band headed for Crazy Nights, the club they were to play later that evening, guess what….I came, I got drunk, I had a blast!!!

So, what’s more to say….Easy Action is Back with a vengance!!!!

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/chrislaney