Easy Action’s ‘Blood Tracks’ Movie Gets DVD Treatment

Easy Action’s ‘Blood Tracks’ Movie Gets DVD Treatment

September 3, 2012

Easy Action's 'Blood Tracks' Movie Gets DVD Treatment‘Blood Tracks’, directed by Swedish cult director Mats-Helge Olsson, has gained a big following since it’s release in 1983, and this is the first time that the film has been made available on DVD.

Being reissued on September 12th, ‘Blood Tracks’ stars the hard rock band Easy Action — featuring Shotgun Messiah’s Zinny Zan, Europe guitarist Kee Marcello, Chris Lynn and Noice members Fredrik von Gerber and Peo Thyren — and can be pre-ordered at www.ginza.se.

‘Blood Tracks’ is a blood bath of terrifying violence created when a group of rock musicians and their film crew venture deep into the snowy mountains to shoot scenes for their latest video. The group are left stranded after being cut off by a series of avalanches, and are forced to take refuge in a remote mountain cabin. The crew decide on a nearby disused power station, as the next shooting location, but soon discover that they are not alone as they and the group fall into the clutches of the wild, mutant like creatures that inhabit the power station. Fearing that their territory and existence is being threatened they unleash a bloody reign of terror upon their unsuspecting victims.

The ‘Blood Tracks’ DVD reissue will include the following special features:

– ‘A Hot Summer Night’ — The complete TV-special with Easy Action recorded live in Stockholm in 1983. All the classic songs performed live plus rare shots of the band in private. Restored from the original tapes and never before released
– “We Go Rocking” — The original video shot 1983 in London, restored from the original tapes and never before released
– Brand new interviews with Zinny Zan and Alex Tyrone (a.k.a Peo Thyren), made by music journalist Stefan Malmqvist, telling the story about making the film back in 1983
– Illustrated Easy Action discography
– Original movie trailer
– Gallery
– Easter egg

The first 1000 copies comes with the re-make of “We Go Rocking” that the re-united Easy Action recorded in 2008. The track was the official song for the Speedway Grand Prix, and the CD-single also features the band’s brand new song “Jack Is Back”.

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