Eating Crow song “So Abused” from Bang Tango documentary released

Eating Crow song “So Abused” from Bang Tango documentary released

Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie creator and Bang Tango guitarist Drew Fortier has made available one of the songs featured in his Bang Tango documentary, which he recently released for free viewing.

Fortier posted the following message (with slight edits) on the Bang Tango Movie Facebook page about two hours ago:

Bang Tango logo“A lot of people who watched Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie had messaged me and asked me about a particular song in the film. That song being “So Abused” by Eating Crow. Which was a side band that members of the late 90’s Bang Tango lineup had put together.

Written by Joe Leste, Danny Aon, and Kyle Kyle, “So Abused” was featured in the Robert Kurtzman film Wishmaster (which I have always loved!)

Funny story, I had seen Wishmaster at the movies when I was a kid and this particular song always stuck out to me and I never could find out who it was let alone the song itself. Fast forward 15 years later while I’m making the Bang Tango Documentary and Danny Aon shows me some songs from the Eating Crow project and low and behold… in a crazy twist, I finally found the song! lol

But here is the song, the complete song for the first time ever, I decided to upload it on YouTube. It’s truly one of my favorite songs of all time and would love to share it with all of you. Enjoy!!”

Eating Crow – So Abused

Unreleased song by Eating Crow, featuring members of Bang Tango. Written by Joe Leste’, Kyle Kyle, & Danny AonFeatured in the soundtrack of Wishmaster (1997)