Eclipse and Paul Laine pull out of upcoming Melodic Rock Fest in Australia

Eclipse and Paul Laine pull out of upcoming Melodic Rock Fest in Australia

The Melodic Rock Fest featuring headliners FireHouse and FM is scheduled to take place at The National Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on March 6 to 8, 2020.

Unfortunately, two artists / bands have recently announced that they will no longer be performing at the event due to the promoter not meeting its contractual obligations.

The following message was posted on Eclipse‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“We regret to inform you that due to contractual obligations not being met on the part of MelodicRock Fest Australia, Eclipse will not be performing at the festival or any of it’s other scheduled events.”

In addition to performing on two of the three days (a 30-minute acoustic set on March 6th and a one-hour set on March 7th) at the Melodic Rock Fest, Eclipse were scheduled to play the Prince Bandroom in St. Kilda, Australia on March 5, 2020 along with Reckless Love.

Former Danger Danger and current The Defiants lead vocalist Paul Laine, who also was scheduled to perform on two of three days at Melodic Rock Fest, posted a similar post on Facebook on February 25, 2020 but with an inspiring story that includes The Radio Sun (with slight edits):

“I have an announcement to make this morning, and rather than be negative in anyway, and go on a rant ( as so many do) I’d rather tell a story…

It’s kind of a love story really… And one close to my heart.

But, before I begin that – the announcement.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you due to contractual obligations not being met on the part of MRF, I will not be playing Melodic Rock Festival Australia 2020 or any of its side shows.. I wish all of the performers the best of luck with the shows, and I will be sad not to have my 2020 reunion, with so many of the folks who have come to my shows down under over the years..I am so fortunate to call a lot of you my friends.. I hold no ill will to the festival organizers and owners for their short comings in these matters, and only wish them the best with the festival as well..

Ok.. enough. Here goes..

A few years ago – 2012 to be exact, I had just spent the better part of a year living in my car 6 days a week, playing gigs every night in a city that I didn’t technically have a home in anymore.. I was in between closing down an unsuccessful studio business and waiting for renters to move out of my house on the island that I grew up on, and picking up the pieces of my life professionally and personally..

In short – I had hit a giant crossroad in my life.

I had to come face to face with all of my successes ,and at this point, failures , in my life.

I had to reassess everything.

For awhile, I was a bit broken…. I knew in my heart, to truly move on, I had to accept my part in my failures…

Ahhh pride… It’s a bitch to let go of.. It really is.. It took me awhile , but eventually I came to the realization of what a useless emotion pride is, when it comes to clarity in your life..

And… In time – I got clarity…

I sought out my own truths. ..Things that made me tick.

I had vowed not to “try” anymore, and just to “do”.

To trust my instinct again and not overthink anything.

Take risks like I did when I was young and not worry…

And, basically, relearning to not give a fuck about stuff that didn’t matter…

Just like I did when I was starting out.

I was face to face again with 15 year old me.

And… for the first time, in a long time, I was happy again.

A bit scared, a lot broke, and with Rocky-like determination, I started clawing my way back into the business.

Along the way, angels started appearing in human form. People like Simon Ali, who was the first person to tell me in a long time to tell me I still had a shot in this business… that people out there still cared about my music. He told me that they would want to hear more…

Simon, at the time, was a student by day, and a nightclub bouncer at night.. tough as hell, but with a heart of gold..

He built me up and worked on my confidence like a true brother. Through all of this, the Darkhorse record was written and realized, and I was back on my way into this business that I love so much.. I am forever thankful.

Not long after, one of the next angels to appear in my life, came in the form of Steve Janevski and the boys from The Radio Sun.

I had just gotten on Facebook ( was new to me!) to promote Darkhorse and I received a message from Steve

“Would I consider coming down to Australia”? Over the next little while I worked with Steve and mixing the new Radio Sun record, and Steve kept telling me that if I came to Australia and played a show, people would come. So… I did. And people came!!
This led to more shows and more shows with The Radio Sun, all over the globe… America, Sweden, U.K and back to Australia.

I was back on the map. Simon wasn’t wrong..

Within another year, the record labels came calling and I signed on with Frontiers and The Defiants.

Major publications as well as social media outlets and e-zines started giving us Album of the year..

I had come a long way from sleeping in my car. And in my late 40’s, I had proven to myself that age doesn’t matter.

And ,however small, I had my own music business “Rocky – comeback “ moment.

I am forever grateful to Simon Ali, Steve Janevski and The Radio Sun. I would NEVER be here today without the leg up you all gave me during my comeback.

I’m grateful to all of the folks in Australia and the rest of the world who come out to see me, and show me love every time I come to play.

When you are my age, and still in this business, everything and every moment is so beautiful. Ahhhh the moments you get to share…

Every song you write.

Every show you play.

Every time somebody sings along with you a million miles away from home.

Every great musician you get to work with and make friends with.

It all moves me.

I have nothing but love for you all..

And Australia? I’ll see you soon… I promise.”