Eclipse singer Erik Mårtensson states band name is “terrible” but too late to change

Eclipse singer Erik Mårtensson states band name is “terrible” but too late to change

With Eclipse having just released their new studio album Monumentum via Frontiers Records, the band’s frontman Erik Mårtensson and guitarist Magnus Henriksson were recently interviewed by ViriAOR

When asked whether the name of the band had something to do with its music sounding melancholic or apocalyptic, Mårtensson stated: “There’s long time going and there’s no other band called Eclipse, and It´s done, but now, if you google Eclipse you will find everything about Eclipse. If you google Armageddonize you will find our album in first positions. Monumentum it’s a latin word you probably found our record, but if you google Eclipse you get everything, the movie, Bonnie Tyler… Yeah, It’s a terrible name but it’s too late. We tried to change name even when we restarted the band, with Ready To Rock, but we thought well some people know us.”

Mårtensson continued to be his candid self as when ViriAOR commented that younger bands need to stick around because all the bands are getting older, he replied: “…And a lot of new bands they start and they disappear. The hardest it’s to make a band work. And one thing, many successful bands stay for the money, and the people stay because is a good business. Bon Jovi is a great band, of course, but they stay for the money. When Eclipse started, you had to play a lot live, you have a family, outstanding wife, long way from home… So many things that some people are not willing to sacrifice everything for that. That reason is why our keyboards don’t play alive. He’s always travelling too much and he doesn’t want to be in tour.”

You can read the rest of the interview at ViriAOR.

Eclipse‘s “Never Look Back” video:

Eclipse – “Never Look Back” (Official Music Video)

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