Eden’s Curse Releases Charity Single “Man Against The World”

Eden’s Curse Releases Charity Single “Man Against The World”

May 30, 2010

Multinational Melodic Metal band Eden’s Curse have released a digital single of their ballad “Man Against The World” with 100% of the profits being donated towards two homeless charities, namely shelter.org.uk in the UK and feedthechildren.org in the USA.

Songwriter Paul Logue commented “We receive emails from our fans time and time again, but none moved me more than the one I received from Jared Hochstettler. He put together a montage on You Tube featuring some really powerful images of homeless men, women and children. It stopped me dead in my tracks and made me think about how fortunate I am. Right there and then I decided to do something about it and I’m delighted to gain the support of my band mates, record labels and Music By Mail in Germany, who assisted us with launching the track onto the worldwide portals, with a view to raising some money to help Shelter and Feed The Children”. “I urge everyone to simply watch the video and if you feel as moved as I did buy the download and do your bit to help ease the suffering of those less fortunate than ourselves”

Logue added. “Man Against The World” is available to buy NOW from all major digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Napster and also the popular rock digital download site www.MusicBuyMail.eu.

Watch an updated version of Jared Hochstettler’s video below

The group’s loyal fanbase have also started a campaign on Facebook “LET’S GET EDEN’S CURSE INTO THE CHARTS AND BEAT HOMELESSNESS” at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592618868#!/group.php?gid=126512767360915

Shelter Website: shelter.org.uk
Feed The Children website: feedthechildren.org
Eden’s Curse website: www.edenscurse.com

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.MusicBuyMail.eu