Electric Black Searching For A Drummer

Electric Black Searching For A Drummer

January 20 2015

Finnish rock band Electric Black is looking for a drummer to round out the group. The band is currently comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Kim Hogberg and bassist Aki.

Electric Black is the brainchild of former Wolfchild frontman Hogberg. Back in 2006, Wolfchild released their self-titled debut record which went on to rank in Sleaze Roxx’s Top 10 of 2006. Fast forward to August 2014 and Hogberg was finally back with Electric Black, who released their debut EP entitled ‘Charge’. Available for purchase at electricblack1.bandcamp.com, the EP consists of five tracks and essentially features Hogberg (given that he handled the vocals, bass and guitar).

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Electric Black’s ‘Charge’: “If you liked Wolfchild’s debut record from eight years ago, picking up Electric Black’s ‘Charge” is a no-brainer — and if you appreciate old school rock with a melodic feel, you will probably enjoy this EP. All I know is that I will be listening to ‘Charge’ on a regular basis for many years to come and hope to hear more material from Hogberg much sooner than another eight years from now.”

It appears that Hogberg’s Electric Black may be coming up with new material in the foreseeable future, given the bands’ recent Facebook comments: “I can send demo medley of killer songs that are ready to play and to develop even more. We are ready to make this happen and to play on a pro level later. Don’t miss this.”

Electric Black went on to state, “If you are strong, accurate, skillful and want the job or you know someone who fits — contact us and send us demo/video, picture of you and information you think is relevant: electricblackband@gmail.com.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com