Electric Boys release video for new single “Super God”

Electric Boys release video for new single “Super God”

Swedish rockers Electric Boys featuring frontman Conny Bloom, bassist Andy Christell and guitarist “Slim” Martin Thomander have released a video for their new single “Super God” from their upcoming studio album Ups!de Down, which will be available via Mighty Music on April 30, 2021. You can pre-order Ups!de Down via Target Group‘s online store.

Track List for Ups!de Down:
01. Upside Down Theme
02. Super God
03. Tumblin’ Dominoes
04. Never Again Your Slave
05. She Never Turns Around
06. Globestrutter
07. The Dudes & The Dancers
08. Twang ’em & Kerrang ’em
09. It’s Not The End
10. Interstellafella

Mighty Music‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“The Electric Boys are much loved for their idiosyncratic combination of hard rock and other forms of music such as funk beginning with their first album “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” in 1989. On April 30th, 2021 the band will release worldwide their seventh album “Ups!de Down” which continues and advances this fusion of music styles to make something of their very, very own.

Recorded at Ghost Ward Studios like their successful previous album “The Ghost Ward Diaries” and co-produced with David Castillo, the album showcases the songwriting and performing talents of founder members Conny Bloom on guitar and vocals and Andy Christell on bass while also introducing  ‘Slim’ Martin Thomander on guitar. Jolle Atlagic plays all the drums on the album, as the band’s original drummer Niclas Sigevall – still very much part of the band – could not leave LA due to the pandemic.”

Electric Boys‘ “Super God” video: