Electric Boys Return With Sweden Rock Gig


March 2, 2009

Electric Boys are back – at Sweden Rock of course!

Electric Boys debut “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” was an unprecedented thing on the Swedish hard rock scene in 1989. The blend of heavy rock and funk, influenced by Aerosmith as well as the Beatles, was quite different from both dominant subgenres at the time, hair metal and thrash. The following year, a somewhat different version of the album saw an international release, and the song “All Lips n’ Hips” got noticed – well, internationally. After one more album, “Groovus Maximus” (1992), guitarist Franco Santunione and drummer Niclas Sigewall jumped ship, but singer/guitarist Conny Bloom and bassist Andy Christell re-completed the band for the release of a third album, “Freewheelin'” (1994). Sadly, the story ended there, and Conny and Andy rose to even greater fame with Fins Hanoi Rocks (RIP).

Now, however, the long anticipated Electric Boys reunion is finally a reality – and with all the original members, no less. For the first time in fifteen years, classics like “All Lips n Hips”, “Mary in the Mystery World” and “Get Nasty” will make us succumb to involuntary outbursts of dancing!



Wednesday – Uriah Heep, Blaze Bayley

Thursday – ZZ tTop, Twisted Sister, Hammerfall, Flogging Molly, The Tubes, Bullet, The Outlaws, Volbeat, Pain, Grand Magus, H.E.A.T.

Friday – In Flames, Foreigner, Motorhead, Johnny Winter, Marillion, Lita Ford, Eric Sardinas, Jon Oliva’s Pain.

Saturday – Heaven & Hell, Dream Theater, Blackfoot, Riot, Forbidden, Kamelot, Europe, Immortal, Soilwork, Helstar, Kebnekajse.

(Late changes may occur)

Ticket prices from 1 February 2009:
4-day ticket – 2190 SEK + fee – SOLD OUT
3-day ticket – 1990 SEK+ fee
1-day to Wednesday 3 June – 590 SEK + fee (only 500)
1-day to Thursday 4 June – 990 SEK + fee
1-day to Friday 5 June – 990 SEK + fee
1-day to Saturday 6 June – 990 SEK + fee

Tickets can only be bought at www.tickster.com/c/swedenrock/

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