Electric Boys unveil video for new single “When Life Treats You Funky”

Electric Boys unveil video for new single “When Life Treats You Funky”

Swedish rockers Electric Boys consisting of frontman Conny Bloom, bassist Andy Christell, guitarist “Slim” Martin Thomander and drummer Jolle Atlagic have unveiled a video for their new single “When Life Treats You Funky” from their upcoming studio album Grand Explosivos, which will be available via Mighty Music on September 15, 2023. The video was directed by Damón Zurawski and filmed at Restaurant Landet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Track List for Grand Explosivos:
01. When Life Treats You Funky
02. Better Safe Than Sober
03. I’ve Got A Feelin’
04. And The Band Played On – Part 1
05. Domestic Blitz
06. Karma’s Gonna Get You
07. Learjet
08. Missed Her By A Minute
09. Cosmic Jagger
10. The Great Believer
11. And The Band Played On – Part 2

Target Group‘s Bandcamp page indicates (with slight edits):

Palma Music Studios, October 2022. The funky four from Sweden are spotted drinking margaritas and Estrella Damms during the sunny days but after siesta they are layin’ down the loud foundation of what will be the eighth Electric Boys album.

“The pandemic inspired to some more serious subjects so “Ups!de Down”, released in 2021, was a slightly darker album, even though hope was always present”, says Conny Bloom, the band’s main song smith.

Grand Explosivos”, the new Electric Boys album, to be released September 15th via Mighty Music is, however, quite the opposite. It might actually be that the boys are throwing the best party since “Groovus Maximus”! The album is a hard rockin’, melodic, full of funk & fun adventure, which has become somewhat of the band’s trademark sound.

The first single “I’ve Got A Feelin’” showed the way into the classic rock arenas while the follow up single “Domestic Blitz” kicks like a mule and won’t take no prisoners. The boys are clearly enjoying playing together and we are looking forward to one helluva party album at the end of the summer. Formed in Stockholm in 1988, Electric Boys is a band with roots in 70s groove rock and 60s pop and psychedelia. Their critically acclaimed debut album, “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” was produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, The Cult, Mötley Crüe) and spawned the self-produced Billboard Top 20 single, “All Lips ‘N’ Hips” that got them heavy rotation on MTV.

After extensive touring, the band entered legendary studio Abbey Road to record the follow-up “Groovus Maximus”, which gave the band another Billboard Top 30 single with the song, “Mary In The Mystery World”. The third album “Freewheelin’” (also recorded in Abbey Road) peaked at #16 on the Official Swedish Album Chart before the band called it a day in 1994. Guitarist and lead singer, Conny Bloom went solo until he, as well as bassist Andy Christell, joined the legendary Hanoi Rocks in 2005. In 2009, they began the process of reuniting the Electric Boys. They released the album “And Them Boys Done Swang” in 2011 and the critically acclaimed favorite “Starflight United” in 2014.

In 2018, the return to studio albums finally happened, with “The Ghost Ward Diaries”, a record that not only topped the charts in Sweden and Denmark but also brought back the distinctive sound of Electric Boys to their countless fans and new listeners. Roughly three years after, “Ups!de Down”, written already under lockdown, repeated the success but brought a broader array of songs. Now, “Grand Explosivos” promises a new dynamite-like collection of classic hard rock with the trademark Boys’ twist. A big priority release for Mighty Music.”

Electric Boys‘ “When Life Treats You Funky” video: