Electric Guitars to release new album ‘Rock’N’Roll Radio’ on February 10th

Electric Guitars to release new album ‘Rock’N’Roll Radio’ on February 10th

Electric Guitars featuring Søren Andersen and Mika Vandborg are set to release their new studio album Rock’N’Roll Radio via Mighty Music on February 10, 2017.

Mighty Music‘s press release states:

Electric Guitars accompanied by the D-A-D Binzer brothers on new album

Electric Guitars have always played rock with bold gestures, big tunes and great ambition. Neither of these features – ambitions none the least – have become any the less on the bands third album ‘Rock N Roll Radio‘. The title is not quite plucked out of thin air:

AC/DC can sell 60,000 tickets in 12 minutes, Volbeat can sell out tickets in the Park Arena, Metallica‘s new album just went straight to number one on the album charts; rock music is doing really well in Denmark. Still, you have to search your radio over and over to find rock on commercial radio. We have timelessly speculated why this is, and therefore the title track is a tribute to those of us who long for rock tunes on the radio. This single is – incidentally – perfectly suited for radio” Søren Andersen adds.

On ‘Rock N Roll RadioMika Vandborg and Søren Andersen have the legendary company of Jacob and Jesper Binzer. Søren Andersen played bass for D.A.D. back in 2015, when Stig Pedersen was on leave with a broken arm. Friendships were forged and Søren learnt a lot about songwriting by being part of Denmark’s most iconic rock band. This musical companionship has resulted in Jacob Binzer producing ‘Rock N Roll Radio‘ and both Jacob and Jesper Binzer appear on the album’s second single ‘Headless Chicken’.

The first single ‘Swagman’ is already released and is a great example of what to expect from Electric Guitars under the production of Jacob Binzer. Electric Guitars‘ music has never been known for being polished, nevertheless this time it has been cut to the bone. Ten hard-hitting songs, ten musical uppercuts, ten songs of sex, rock, ladies and what to do with the life that you have been given. Lots of guitar-madness, lots of attitude and no bullshit.

The con-amore project Electric Guitars was unveiled five years ago, when guitarist Søren Andersen and Mika Vandborg joined forces and set off on an adventure with the guitar pedals down, full throttle. Electric Guitars has toured intensely the last five years playing in Denmark, USA, Sweden, France and Germany.

Rock N Roll Radio‘ hits the street worldwide on February 10 2017. Second Single ‘Headless Chicken’ is out on January 1st 2017.

Electric Guitars are:

Søren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza Trio, Dave Mustaine, Mike Tramp and more.)

Mika Vandborg (Love Shop, Dicte, Claus Hempler, Mads Langer, Justin Hawkins and more)”

Track List for Rock’N’Roll Radio:
01. Rock n Roll Radio
02. False Flag Operartion
03. Headless Chicken
04. Swagman
05. Splinter
06. Bambi On Ice
07. Lucy Glow
08. Homewrecking Woman
09. Stay Under The Radar
10. Back To You

Electric Guitars‘ “Swagman” video:

Electric Guitars – Swagman (Official Music Video)

“Swagman” is the new single from Electric Guitars, produced by Jacob “Cobber Binzer”. Released on Mighty Music/Target Group 27th of May 2016.Stream, download…