Electric Sister Releases Second Single And Video From ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’

Electric Sister Releases Second Single And Video From ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’

March 6, 2012

Oakland, California based heavy rock band Electric Sister has announced that “I Want It All” will be the second single from their debut full-length record, ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’ on March 6, 2012. The 9-track album, released in October 2011, was called a “hard rock masterpiece” in a SleazeRoxx.com review, and the first single (title track) is still on radio across the country.

“I Want It All” demonstrates all the forces that embody Electric Sister. Musically, it is raw and intense — showing signs of metal, rock, and punk: the bulldozing guitars, headstrong rhythm, and audacious vocals. Lyrically, it’s blunt and aggressive, but without pretense — “Outta time, now I’m bleeding. I want it all, ain’t no truth, rhyme, or reason.”

The video is part performance, part conceptual, based on the idea of capturing the rock and roll spirit of each of the band members. Utilizing the camera, car (the classic Impala “Sophia”) and authentic Latin Day of the Dead masks of new bandmate Scott Reategui Richards, the video was produced, shot, and edited in two weeks independently by the band.

“Everything came together for a reason on this one,” said Jason Lucero. “It was all of us just passing the camera back and forth between band members, tossing ideas around for angles. We had a blast because we were like oversized kids just seeing what we could get away with!” The band pays homage to its home city with settings that hold some of the band’s history, like The Uptown, Heart & Dagger, and Soundwave Studios. The new photos were taken on Treasure Island, with the expanse of the Bay Area behind the band.

In addition to hitting the road in support of ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’, Electric Sister will appear with epic rock heavy-hitters on two tribute albums early this year. To honor Van Halen, they’ve recorded “Drop Dead Legs” and are tackling “Killers” for Iron Maiden.

Electric Sister is: Thadeus Gonzalez (vocals), Jason Lucero (guitars and vocals), Nicholas Hernandez (guitars and vocals), Scott Reategui Richards (bass) and Eddie Colmenares (drums).

‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’ is available online at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, 7digital, Spotify and at the band’s website electricsistermusic.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com