Emerald Monkey Team Up With Director Of L.A. Guns Singer’s Film


February 25, 2009

Connecticut hard-rockers Emerald Monkey are featured on the soundtrack to the new indie horror flick GRAVE DANGER. The Emerald Monkey tracks ‘No One To Blame’ and ‘Close To Me’ were personally selected by film-maker Jim Haggerty for inclusion in the film.

“I discovered Emerald Monkey and singer/songwriter Jimmy D after they did this great KISS tribute record called ‘Heros of the Night,'” says Haggerty. “Jimmy’s a great guy and is immensely talented, so I wanted some of his music in my film – we use it over the credits and in two particularly intense scenes. It really works.”

Haggerty is no stranger to the hard rock/heavy metal world – his next film to be released is the long-awaited feature film debut of L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis, WITCHMASTER GENERAL.”Right now people are really digging GRAVE DANGER and I think they’ll sink their teeth into WITCHMASTER GENERAL as well,” says Haggerty. “They’re good old-fashioned b-movies – tits and blood and a good sense of humor – this naturally lends itself to a good hard rock soundtrack.”

The soundtrack for GRAVE DANGER is rounded out by a menacing score by instrumental guru Michael Keller.

You can check out Emerald Monkey at www.myspace.com/emeraldmonkey2007 and you can get GRAVE DANGER on DVD at yellowape.net – the offiicial website for Yellow Ape Productions, and you can check out the full trailer below.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/emeraldmonkey2007