Engineer Disowns Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’


September 19, 2008

Is ‘Guitar Hero’ version of new album better than the CD?

Metallica fans have been complaining about the quality of the CD recording of the band’s new album, ‘Death Magnetic’, with many saying the version available on the ‘Guitar Hero’ computer game is better.

A YouTube clip comparing sound on the two formats can be viewed by clicking on the video below.

Fans have complained on internet forums that the dynamic range heard on the CD version is not as good as the ‘Guitar Hero’ version, reports

While many fans have blamed the mastering process used on the album, Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound, who mastered the album, has reportedly written a forum post about the process.

“I’m certainly sympathetic to your reaction, I get to slam my head against that brick wall every day,” he wrote. “In this case the mixes were already brick-walled before they arrived at my place.

“Suffice to say I would never be pushed to overdrive things as far as they are here. Believe me, I’m not proud to be associated with this one, and we can only hope that some good will come from this in some form of backlash against volume above all else.”

Listen to the YouTube video comparing the two versions by clicking below.

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