Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Chip Z’Nuff producing The Midnight Devils’ upcoming album

Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Chip Z’Nuff producing The Midnight Devils’ upcoming album

The Midnight Devils‘ frontman Sam Spade was recently interviewed by Anthony Montalbano for Vinyl Writer Music.

Photo by Jeff Onorato

The Nebraska based rockers released their debut EP Something Bigger back in 2018. In terms of what they have been up to since they got started in 2016, Spade indicated (with slight edits): “We have worked our asses off since the band kicked off in 2016 and that’s not me complaining or bragging. We have toured coast to coast playing shows all over the country. We funded and released our debut album and music videos. We just love being a sleazy rock ‘n’ roll band on the road. That’s the pay-off for all the other bullshit you have to go through to get this point. The Midnight Devils consist of Chris “Sniper” Hineline from Omaha, Nebraska [USA] on lead guitar and backing vocals. On the drums from Chicago, Illinois [USA] we have the indestructible Jimmy Mess. I am the lead singer and bass player and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. So we are split between three different cities which makes things interesting especially when we set out to start working on our sophomore album.”

In terms of how the trio met, Spade stated: “I actually met Sniper first when we played in another Omaha ’80s tribute band. We became best friends immediately. The band did a tour down to Rocklahoma and Jimmy Mess walked on our tour bus smoking a huge seven paper joint. I knew we would become friends instantly. About a year later, the first drummer we had for The Midnight Devils bailed on us in the middle of a tour. We called up Jimmy and he was completely in to help us finish the tour. He learned all the songs in the van on the way to the first show. The second show we played for something like 5,000 people. It was insane and cemented us an inseparable rock ‘n roll machine. I started playing guitar when I was 17 and joined my first band a year later. I wanted to get out of my town in Nebraska and travel the world creating great rock ‘n roll for people just like me. KISS was the band that really helped me put it all together and jump-started my love for down ‘n dirty glam rock. After that, I was hooked and just jumped in without looking back. So I have been doing this now for almost 20 years and it’s still exciting every day.”

With respect to The Midnight Devils‘ favourite places to play, Spade indicated: “In the beginning, we took a very punk rock approach to touring. We were kind of spinning our wheels in the Midwest and Jimmy said, “Look we have to break out to LA and at least make an attempt at this thing.” We knew we would lose a ton of money, but we all agreed, and the gamble totally paid off. We played house shows, dive bars, anywhere they would have us all the way to LA and back. It was incredible and after we got home, we were blown away by how well it worked and how much positive feedback we were getting. There is nothing glamorous about that part at all. Driving eight to ten hours a day, sleeping in our van, not taking a shower, and not eating. You really must love what you do and believe in the end result. We have played so many amazing stages including The Viper Room in LA, The Rocklahoma Music Festival, The Venue in Denver, The Warehouse in Houston. The list goes on and on and just keeps getting bigger. We have played with a ton of our heroes and that’s always cool. We toured with The Quireboys from the UK in early 2020 and that was a dream come true tour. Right now, our new album is being produced by Chip Z’Nuff in Chicago, and getting to know Chip and spend time with him just soaking up his rock ‘n roll knowledge is mind-blowing. Just thinking about being friends with somebody that you idolized as a kid is pretty wild.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sam Spade at Vinyl Writer Music‘s website.

The Midnight Devils‘ “Pink Halo” video: